challenging conventional wisdoms for managing IT services

can you handle the truth?

why IT organisations fail

The world is changing for IT organisations. Cloud Technologies, Everything-as-a-Serv ice, Social Media and the sophistication of the customers are driving this change. IT organisations who don’t recognise the need to change are quickly becoming legacy IT organisations.

Addressing such topics as SIAM, service governance, the skilled incompetence of management, unscrupulous third party practices, flawed service management, business interactions, leadership and service based thinking, can you handle the truth exposes the truth behind the causes of poor IT service delivery and provides original thinking and thought-provoking alternatives for today’s IT organisation.

The question is – can you handle the truth?
Have you ever stopped to wonder why you have so many IT issues? You’ve hired third party service providers with vast experience and impeccable credentials. You have implemented market-leading tools. You produce enough reports annually to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. You’ve implemented every best practice process known to man or woman. The people you work with are smart and highly skilled. Even your IT consumers are relatively compliant and understanding.

So why is it that you have the same meetings, arguments, conversations and types of issues over and over again? The monthly reports are the same each month. The colours may move around the pages but the overall performance rating is the same. Projects are late, as usual. Business demand is immediate, as usual. Budgets are blamed for everything. You have no scope to think and no time to fix all the things you know need to be fixed. Try as you may, you just can’t get off the hamster wheel.

can you handle the truth is a unique book providing candid and sometimes disturbing insights into the management of IT services. The 12 chapters examine the capabilities required to manage IT services and why conventional IT management wisdoms are the root cause of poor IT service delivery.

can you handle the truth is challenging, inspiring, critical, praising and sometimes humourous, but always informative. It is a must read for everyone who works in the IT industry. You don’t need to agree with its views but you do need to read them. They will change the way you think about IT services.
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