challenging conventional wisdoms for managing IT services

The book is an easy read, with a nice humorous touch. It has a good deal of practical help. It's written in such a way as to keep the reader involved…. You clearly understand service and I'm delighted to learn from your years of experience.”  

"Excellent. Insightful and detailed."
“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It discusses many of the challenges that we in the IT industry face on a daily basis and explains the root causes very well. The author’s examples, some of them drawn from everyday life, helped to explain some of the concepts. It also has some good alternative suggestions. I’ll certainly be keeping this as a reference book.”   
“I enjoyed this book. I particularly liked the way that all the required disciplines for managing IT services are pulled together into a single book. And at the right level of detail to keep me interested… the little personal anecdotes throughout the book brought each subject to life.”  
“Humorous and inspiring”